Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pray for Meeting with Cdn. P.M.

We just got this message via email from our church:

Pastor Brent (Cantelon) and several other Christian leaders are going to be meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin tomorrow (Friday morning) in Ottawa. The purpose of the hour-long meeting is to discuss the proposed same-sex marriage bill. Please take some time to pray for this meeting and for Pastor Brent in particular as he joins others in expressing the biblical view of marriage.


On a related topic - Joel at Proud to be Canadian has posted leader of the opposition, Stephen Harper's speech to parliament given on the first day of the same-sex marriage debate. (This after the posted a link to the transcript of PM Paul Martin's speech but refused to do the same for the leader of the opposition.) It is long but an excellent read showing how the party in power has flip-flopped on their former position and why same-sex marriage is not a fundamental human right, among other things. (Or read it in context from Hansard, February 16, 2005.)


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