Saturday, March 26, 2005

heavy, heavy, heavy

I woke up this morning in a good mood. I love Saturdays. It’s my change-of-pace day when I tidy the house, do some baking, watch tv (which I rarely watch at other times), maybe garden, tie up loose ends – generally transition from my work week to my rest day.

I made the mistake this morning of, before getting into the rhythm of things, reading blogs. Bad idea on this rainy gray Saturday, which is already a bleak-colored square on the calendar because it’s sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Now to add to the weight of weather and the pensive thoughts I should be having, is all the heaviness of blogdom, especially as I take in more sadness and outrage and rhetoric re Terry Schiavo.

But I refuse to stay there. I’m going to shake off this dark cape and enjoy this day. I’m going to ignore the weather, because I am in a cozy, bright, dry space, and have the wherewithal to make it even cosier and fragrant too with the smell of more brownies or seven-layer squares, or whatever.

I’m going to leave all my questions and heaviness of spirit about Terry Schiavo and what’s happened and is happening to her, with the only One who can, in the end, do anything about it – God, the judge who will do right (Acts 17:31)

I am going to remember that even though the disciples spent the hours between Jesus’ burial and resurrection in despair and confusion – I know better!


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