Sunday, April 17, 2005

earth dance

Psalm 114:7

The aged ladies with rounded
Appalachian shoulders pull up their skirts
and "Skip to my Lou" and follow this up with
a sprightly "Virginia Reel".

The younger gents, spike-haired
punk Rockies shout and Twist
flinging carelessly their cloaks
of white, down on flat-topped mesas.

Sierra Nevadas and Cascades
join hands in the West and Jitterbug
in the Pacific spray, squeezing sand
between their granite toes.

Not to be outdone the Himalayas,
towering above everyone
turn cartwheels while Mount Everest
warms up, knees bent for an
amazing spectacular double back flip.

The Alps and Pyrenees whisper furiously
behind their fans, proper ladies they
in perfect form, mince a minuet
on tiptoed slippered feet.

South of the Equator,
the Andes with a Latin beat,
clap hands in a hat dance,
roses clenched between their teeth.

The Lord of the Dance, smiles
stretches down with the music of heaven;
the oceans sing, "Dance, Earth, Dance!
You are in the presence of your King!"

Copyright©2003 by Darlene Moore Berg


Darlene Moore Berg writes from her home in Missouri. She is a wife, a mother, and a pediatrician. Read more of her work at Utmost and Amarillo Bay


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