Saturday, April 30, 2005

i love spring

So does Dory at Wittenberg Gate. She takes us on a walk through her woods in "If You Weed and Feed You Don’t Have These."

Also check out these lovelies, photograhed by K. Wetterling.
(Hat tip: Wittenberg Gate, above)

Which brings me to the wild bleeding hearts our woods are full of right now, and the last poem of April, poetry month.


Beside the path that winds
through my waking and sleeping
grow, like wildflowers
scenes, insights, connection
Some days I am too rushed
or distracted to see
On others I am wiser
live with the perception
which gathers a bouquet
chooses one or two to press
between the covers of a book

(Or we could say...
chooses one or two to post
within the archives of a blog)

- V. Nesdoly © 2004.


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