Saturday, April 23, 2005

mantle of motherhood

She cradles her infant
tears cascade unfelt
as she rocks
eyes closed, body swaying
‘Ma-ry Ma-ry"
every drop of mother’s blood sings

I am wordless immersed
in her pain
compassion shackles my arms
no gesture no word is appropriate
I am the thief today

a deep breath ripples her body
tender fingertip caresses downy cheek
she inhales memorizes this one
final kiss

she places the baby
in my arms settles
the mantle of motherhood
on my shoulders

–Sue Plett © 1997 (used with permission)


Sue Plett writes from her home in Alberta, Canada. Read a brief explanation of the poem here. Read more of this often very funny lady: a.k.a. h8s2clean at Accidental Poet.


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