Thursday, April 21, 2005

promptings' potpourri

First, I must alert you to the newest Christian Carnival - up at Polypseudomath ....shhhh you’re entering a sanctuary...

Rebecca Writes continues to post Faith Stories. This one, "How the Lord Made Me Into A Christian" is told by her friend Scott, and is a gripping read (how great and loving and individual is our God!)

Teem at Callmeteem regularly posts "Operation World Today" – a focus on a specific place on our globe, and a prayer for that place. I love these!

I’ve heard it said a good writer can write about any topic and make it a memorable read. Waterfall (A Sort of Notebook) sure qualifies in that department. Spinning ideas off the current rage to discover your personality type, she writes about hers and the resultant housework shenanigans in "J-Hat Cleaning Frenzies for a P-Brain"

I’ve pointed you to Wittingshire, blog of Jonathan and Amanda Witt, before. Jonathan writes mostly about things scientific, and Amanda fills in the spaces with beautiful photos and an ability to discourse on almost anything! You’ve got to read this piece of hers, "On Boys and Bikinis" in the ‘kids say...’ department.

Thanks to Dory at Wittenberg Gate, for highlighting the poetry on my blog this April Poetry Month, with a trackback in her Monday's "Beyond the Gate" post!


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