Monday, April 04, 2005


Another winter almost over
tall willows leafless wait
along the frozen river

In weeks we’ll weave
their supple wands
into garden furniture
unharvested ones will burst with leaves
along the flushing water
hiding celebrating robin
and shy nesting junco

And this time every year
I look the garden over
plan my summer’s planting
study my aging car
checking it for rust
plan my painting here and there
by sanding edges feather
so the viewer’s unaware

I and my garden and my car
along this willow-margined river
in our routine year on year
tending rust and weeds and willow
year on year together slower

by Charles Van Gorkom (Ordinary Exile, Copyright © 2004 - used with permission)

Charlie, my bootmaker friend, writes from his home in northern British Columbia, Canada. Read more of his poetry here


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