Friday, May 20, 2005

a helping of humble pie

I’m going to start this post with an apology.

A couple of days ago I posted a piece called "blogging and discretion." I stand by every word I wrote in it. But two things I regret and wish I could undo: linking to the original discussion, and placing a trackback on it.

While I think it’s normally the right thing to do – link to the place which was the catalyst to one’s thoughts – in this case, it would have been wiser to have left that out. Because in the process, I know I may have cast in a bad light a fellow blogger and her blogging friends.

So, Kim, (if you’re reading this) I’m sorry. I have taken the link out of the original article, removed your blog's URL from your comment, and you’re welcome to delete the trackback (I’d do it, but I can’t; I know–nothing like closing the barn door once the horse is out!)

I value Kim and care about her. She is a great blog ‘conversationalist’ and has endeared herself to many with her willingness to be open and make herself vulnerable. As she says, that’s the way she is – and we love her that way. She has a kind heart, which I feel I have trampled on by doing this. I regret it and hope she will find it in her heart to forgive me.

I close this helping of humble pie with a poem I wrote a few years ago. As you see, I’ve had experience with this before. Hopefully I’ll get this lesson through my thick head (and heart).


Some Words

I can think a thing a long time
with the words going
round and round
inside my head
like the gray gruel
mixing in a cement truck

but once I say those thoughts
once those words
escape my mouth
pour out
become exposed to air
everything changes.

The minute they’re out
they start to solidify.
Too late now
to scoop them up
shove them back
into the place they came from

for they’ve already begun
to work their alchemy
changing the elements
inside me, inside you

hardening – a shameful statue
a concrete wall, a sad gray memorial
between us.

V. Nesdoly - © 2004


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