Tuesday, June 28, 2005

blogcritics.org in top 100

AlwaysOn Network and Technorati presents the first annual "Open Media 100," the power list of bloggers, social networkers, tool smiths, and investors leading the Open Media Revolution.

[...]The purpose of this list is to provide an initial, helpful framework of this emerging industry and highlight its key players who are influencing the adoption of open media and proving the impact it is already having on the technology industry, journalism, and marketing. To achieve this goal, we created the following categories: Pioneers, Trendsetters, Practitioners, Toolsmiths, and Enablers. We combined both a subjective and objective process, including nominations from bloggers, surveys, and measurable data using Technorati’s blog search engine, which tracks more than 11.5 million weblogs and over 1.2 billion links. We respectfully acknowledge that the list represents our best educated guess in a fast-changing and fluid market... [read more]

It was nice to see that Blogcritics.org made the list!

hat-tip: Ernesto Burden

(pssst - and thanks to Blogcritics.org, the review of Levi's Will which I posted there yesterday, was picked up by Advance.net and is in the "Book Review" section of today's CLEVELAND.COM )


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