Saturday, June 18, 2005


This year Father’s Day and our anniversary fall on the same date - tomorrow! In order to keep ourselves from becoming positively giddy with celebrating tomorrow, we’ve set aside today to play as well!

This morning we head to West Vancouver for brunch with friends. Tonight we have tickets to hear the Canadian Three Tenors.

We’re celebrating tomorrow too, with lunch at Cosmos – a Greek restaurant on the beach.

(I’ve already earned my break today, though. This morning when I pressed my computer into service, I discovered that Symantec’s virus definitions hadn’t installed since the June 3rd version [this after I just bought the new NAV 2005 version at the beginning of the month]. So I was launched on a predictable merry-go-round ride of troubleshooting – including editing my Windows registry key [= high stress], clicking here there and everywhere, starting and restarting the computer, and finally getting a very nice Symantec troubleshooter on the phone, who walked me through setting up my help file, then going through the things I’d just done about 25 times, again. And wouldn’t you know it – this time it worked ARGHH – isn’t that always the way, and he must think I’m a real dummy. What he thinks aside, I’m glad it’s now working, my computer is again behind Symantec defences, and he didn’t charge me the $29.95 which web site threatened could happen.)


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