Tuesday, December 27, 2005

happy day-after-boxing-day!

We had our family Christmas yesterday, much jollity and food - plus presents galore. As we speak, I am playing a new CD (Rita Springer - my fav: "I Have to Believe"). I bought it to give to Sonia, but she already got it from someone else - that's what happens when you circulate the same wish list to various people! - so I might just have to take it off her hands :) and replace it with $$ for a different CD... somehow i'm not upset.

Anyway, we have the kids (Sonia and Matt) here for two more days. Ben and his girlfriend Georgi spent the evening with us yesterday too. You should see the present Ben made me. I collect apple ornaments in a haphazard kind of way. Well, he and Georgi took a class in pottery from Georgi's mom who is an art teacher. In that class he made an apple ornament for me - a very cool thing, two halves that fit together like a puzzle. Georgi gave me an apple-shaped cookie jar, made out of a painted gourd, a craft / art which her Dad's girlfriend made. What was especially touching was their anticipation of my reaction to these things.

Matt and Sonia showered us with more gifts - a CD (Hillsongs), a cozy chenille throw, and yummy books (Wild at Heart for E.by John Eldredge and Captivating by John and Stasi Eldredge for me).

Of course there was the usual wealth from E. - a gift certificate from my current favorite clothes store, an Estée Lauder’s Perfume Treasures collection (my great weakness: scent) - and still more goodies from sis, mom, the neighbors and the office. We have too much!

If I were cooking this morning, I’d make Ziploc Omelets.


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