Tuesday, December 13, 2005

the king of christmas wood

The King of Christmas Wood

A subtle twist has turned a stone tonight in Christmas Wood.
Though icicles pressed shards against the warmth
and frozen soil gripped steely fist
the tiny marvelous emerged beneath a stone
    a sacred writhe
        cocoon of God
in holy metamorphosis igniting love to flesh

    So then great glory angel sky plays strains
    with ancient melody of dark and stars
    and God is bending in and on Himself
    to flood a void and fill the vacant souls

The firestorm of Spirit joins praise to every tongue
tonight in Christmas wood the King emerges
Brittle snow and icy stone are merely fuel
for love's consuming blaze
to roll the stone aweay and raise
    the King of Christmas Wood.

-- Nathan Harms © 2005 - Used with permission


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