Friday, February 24, 2006

promptings potpourri

Bonnie Bruno is branching out! After 28 years of writing articles, stories and books for kids, God is taking her in yet another direction on her writing journey.

Now He has asked me to branch out again, by providing me with the opportunity to write a book of inspirational stories for adults, tentatively titled When God Steps In: Stories of Everyday Grace. My proposal was accepted for publication a couple of weeks ago, and we're in the process of contracting. So, I'm writing this especially to those of you who feel you have a story that would fit the theme of this book--moments when you sensed that God was interrupting your day, as if to say, "Listen closely. Remember this moment."

If you have a story for Bonnie contact her.

Bonnie blogs several times a week at the beautiful MacroMoments.


Further to the poetic thoughts about depression (below), Dulciana writes about her own experience and the very likely link that can be made between depression and allergies.


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