Saturday, May 20, 2006


My resolve to write one poem a week took me on a circuitous route this morning.

1. My weekly self-prompt here, is to write a list poem.

2. The week is almost done and I still haven’t written my poem – what shall it be?

2. The ubiquitous “Where I Am From” poems are lists; I’ll write one of those.

3. I remember seeing on Waterfall’s blog, earlier in the week, a link to such poems at Circle of Quiet and Holy Experience.

4. I also checked out Circle of Quiet’s list poem earlier and there saw links to the template.

5. I go to Circle of Quiet’s to find the template but on the way I see her list of “Ten things my mother taught me.”

6. I get distracted by Number 7. on that list: "Beauty can be found in little places (a small painting, a piece of pottery, a wood carving)”,

7. and I think - I have something beautiful like that: this little creamer that I bought at a rumble sale in England, and which has lived on my kitchen window sill these many years.

8. Now I will go write my poem.

(Oh, before I go, I just had another circuitous thought. I'd like to see more people's beautiful small things. We could start a meme...)


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