Tuesday, June 06, 2006

another window garden

Rebecca who writes from the Yukon has just posted a picture of her garden taken from an upstairs window. I thought that was a great idea, so I tried the same thing.

This is actually five photos, put together by a neat photo editing program that came with my camera. It makes panorama pictures out of a series of shots.

Naturally my garden has the jump on hers in maturity - it being in the temperate west coast of Canada. Because my garden is made up of mostly perennials, my plants don't need to concern themselves with my habitual procrostination either. They begin to stir at the first sound of nature's alarm clock.

In a few weeks, I'm sure her garden will overtake mine, in practicality if not foliage... as hers is mostly edible. (I'm afraid I'd need to be pretty starved to be tempted by a salad of hosta, dahlia and impatiens!)


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