Saturday, March 31, 2007

writers' express

I am off on this beautiful spring morning to Writers’ Express, a “full day of useful presentations for new and experienced writers.” If the day lives up to brochure promises I will come away with:
- six ways to grab readers by the throat
- six techniques to reassure editors that I can give them what they want
- seven books and seven ways to promote them
- nine tips for using words that hit the target every time
- five ways to keep fit at my desk
- ten ways to make rejection work for me.

Hopefully, gentle reader, this will also serve some benefit for you. For as Sol Stein says in Stein on Writing, good writing results in a good experience for both partners - the writer and the reader.
Addendum: For an example of a good reading experience read Amanda Witt's article "Distant Neighbors" - on keeping children innocent when lesbians move in - published in the latest issue of Touchstone Magazine.


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