Wednesday, May 30, 2007

reading meme

Victoria Gaines who writes the very excellent Light for the Writer’s Soul – a blog for Christian writers – has tagged me to do a book meme. It’s all about what I’m reading…

Next five to read:
1. Suncatcher by Jamie Langston Turner
2. Mourning into Dancing by Walter Wangerin Jr. – I started this book almost a year ago. Now I’d like to finish it.
3. Women, Abuse and the Bible edited by Catherine Clark Kroeger & James R. Beck.
4. Page After Page by Heather Sellers – I’ve read this once, but I want to re-read it.
5. Writing Metrical Poetry by William Baer.

Last four I’ve read:
1. The Castro Gene by Todd Buchholz – newly released. I got this from a publicist for potential review. I won’t be doing a review. I don’t recommend this book (well-written, intriguing plot but can’t endorse the language and moral climate).
2. Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray.
3. Spiritual Excellence by Andrew Murray
4. The Heir by Paul Robertson

Last three borrowed:
1. Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray
2. Spiritual Excellence by Andrew Murray
3. Can’t remember; I’ve been getting enough free books to make trips to the library unnecessary.

Last two non-fiction:
1. My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers - read this every morning along with the Bible. It's a great plumb line for the day.
2. Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman - a classic devotional book we found on Dad's bookshelf. Comforting. I read it every morning too.

One book I wish everyone read: The Holy Bible – any version.

If you’re interested in sharing your reading life in this meme way, consider yourself tagged. (Leave a note in comments and I’ll post a link to your list.)


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