Wednesday, June 06, 2007

share everything

Already Love is drawing others to you. Take all who come as sent by Me, and give them a royal welcome. It will surprise you, all that I have planned for you.

Welcome all who come with the love of both your hearts. You may not see the work. Today they may not need you. Tomorrow they may need you. I may send you strange visitors. Make each desire to return. Nobody must come and feel unwanted.

Share your Love, your Joy, your Happiness, your time, your food, gladly with all. Such wonders will unfold. You see it all but in bud now -- the glory of the open flower is beyond all your telling. Love, Joy, Peace, in richest abundance -- only believe. Give out Love and all you can with a glad, free heart and hand. Use all you can for others, and back will come such countless stores and blessings.

from God Calling by Two Listeners, edited by A. J. Russell


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