Monday, July 16, 2007

promptings potpourri - summer edition

Five SUMMERY things to do:

1. Enroll your kids in VBS. For one of the coolest themed VBSs I've seen lately (Narnia), check out the one directed by Jan and her husband.

2. Get invited to a neighbour's pool.

Under no circumstances should this act involve a crow bar or fence hopping. Instead, snag an invite by applying simple social psychology. Be honest, friendly and make them feel important -- an easy task considering they have a pool and you don't.
- read How to: Get invited to a neighbour's pool

3. Go camping, but don't invite the bears.
The supplier (Mountain Equipment Co-op) recommends food bags tied high off the ground and downwind from base camp, as well as tiny metal balls affixed to Velcro wristbands. These jingle and alert bears that you're coming, giving them the chance "to avoid you if they wish."'
- read How to: Deter bears from your campsite

4. Create a nostalgic summer ambience in your house by playing an oldies radio station. Here are a bunch that stream on the internet.

5. Keep cool with a 30-second Smoothie.


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