Wednesday, September 12, 2007

eight things I love about my new home

1. The north-facing balcony, where we eat breakfast and lunch on these beautiful end-of-summer days. For the first little while here, every time out there I felt like I was on vacation.

2. The brightness. We have lots of windows.

3. My office. I can close the door, tuck myself entirely away from everyone, and concentrate!

4. Being 7 minutes from church. This morning I'm planning to attend Women by Design - and walk there.

5. Living in Langley. Shopping is nearby. No more 20-minute drives just to get to a mall.

6. The piano in the den, garage level. I can bumble around on it without bothering anyone and keeping them from watching TV.

7. We're allowed to garden after all! Our yard is very overgrown. I've already spent some hours pulling weeds and battling a stand of mint. (Have you ever seen the subway system of roots that mint puts out - amazing! I'm expecting a protracted war.)

8. Logan Creek and the pretty path that follows it just five minutes from here.


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