Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ken!

It's been a busy weekend as we helped a special brother celebrate a special birthday. We hosted it in the party building of our new home.

It was a wonderful gathering of the truly young and the young at heart, family and friends.

My brother's granddaughter Liesel & her mom Julie

Ken's daughter Rosie and grandson Benton

my Ben

My sis Bea and cousin Bonnie

Of course there was a cake...

and presents. My brother and his wife have recently moved from Kelowna where they ran a landscaping business, to Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan where they will pastor a church. We made sure he will have suitable winter attire.

Before we parted, we gathered around Ken and Dawn and prayed over them and their new career. Bro, may this new venture be as verdant as your birthday bouquet!


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