Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Heinlein's writing rules

So you want to be a writer? Keeping Heinlein's Rules will help.

In his article "On Writing" Canadian Sci Fi writer Robert Sawyer lists Heinlein's Rules and shows how only one or two out of 100 people will actually follow through to success. Are you one of them?

Heinlein's rules:

Rule #1 - You must write.

Rule #2 - Finish what you start.

Rule #3 - You must refrain from rewriting, except to editorial order.

Rule #4 - You must put your story on the market.

Rule #5 - You must keep it on the market until it has sold.

Sawyer's sixth rule:

Rule #6 - Start working on something else.

"On Writing" by Robert Sawyer. (Though Robert A. Heinlein and Sawyer are both science fiction writers, I'd say Heinlein's rules and Sawyer's explanation apply to writing of all kinds.)

Hat Tip: Quiet Life


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