Saturday, November 08, 2008

canadian reporter free in afghanistan

CBC television journalist Melissa Fung was released by her Afghan abductors today after being held for 28 days. What great news, though we never knew she was ever captured. That happened on October 12th (three days before the Canadian election), from a refugee camp outside of Kabul. She was visiting the camp as part of the story she was putting together about the plight of refugees in Afghanistan.

Besides being relieved that this Canadian reporter, whose face I could visualize the moment I heard her name, was back in Canadian hands, I was amazed by another element of the story. No leaks! For the entire time Fung was in captivity, all the Canadian and foreign journalists who were in-the-know stayed mum. I'd say that kind of self-discipline by the media is rare these days.

Here's a short video of Melissa's relieved parents' in reaction to the news that she was free and safe.

CBC story: Abducted CBC journalist released in Afghanistan
MSNBC - Associated Press story: Canadian TV journalist freed in Afghanistan

Updated Sunday - November 9
CNN story - Freed reporter: I was kept in a cave


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