Monday, January 26, 2009

growing way too fast

We had a visitor this weekend. Our little guy is now 10 months old and growing up way too fast. He's not walking yet but getting around very well on all fours, so why spoil a good thing?

He's starting to mimic behavior. He made cow sounds when we dumped out the farm set and later made zooming motions with his hands to copy what his mom does with the spoon when she feeds him.

He hates hats, but when Grandpa plopped his birthday hat on Liam's head, he held very still so I could take the photo.


Donna said...

He's a precious little one! I just love 'em in their little jammies :) Looks like he loves grandpa!

violet said...

He is so sweet with his gramps and Gramps with him!

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