Monday, June 15, 2009

Write! Canada

I'm Write! Canada-bound - and excited! It will be so fun meeting face to face with many of the folks I've only had contact with on the internet.

On Friday the 19th I'm doing a workshop on Writing for the Children and Teen Christian Market (prayers appreciated if you think of it!).

Otherwise, on top of doing a few interviews and talking with several people whose manuscripts I critiqued, I'll be soaking in the expertise of agent Chip MacGregor (whose continuing class I signed up for) and others, as well as rubbing shoulders with my kind. YES!!


Lynda S. said...

Wish I could be one of those you meet "face to face." Have a wonderful time, and huge blessings as you participate.

Laura Davis said...

Violet I will be there and look forward to meeting you. I wish I had taken your course too, because I realized recently that one of the books I'm writing is specifically geared to teens. I didn't set out to write it for teens, it just sort of 'evolved' that way. I wonder if that happens a lot to writers? Anyway, see you at the conference!

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