Wednesday, October 07, 2009

thankful #1

As so often happens these days, an important holiday has sneaked up on me and -- eek! I don't feel ready. This time it's Thanksgiving. In Canada the official day of thanksgiving is Monday, October 12th.

It's not that I'm not physically ready. I did make my Thanksgiving dinner list and hubby, our family's official grocery shopper, has most of the items tucked away in the pantry or freezer. But I don't feel mentally and spiritually ready. Because it seems to me that Thanksgiving should be more than merely a day on the calendar when we give ourselves permission to bulk up on the fat of the land.

And so, in the last few days I have put my mind on the track of thankfulness and made a list of things for which I'm thankful. In the remainder of October and into November (U.S. Thanksgiving is November 26th so thankfulness will still be thick in the air) I will share some of these items on promptings and so tune my heart and hopefully yours, to give thanks. Thank whom? Well, everyone to whom thanks is due, but most especially, thank God who "richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment."

I'll start today with the first item that came to mind.

I am thankful for the country of which I am a citizen - Canada.

Perhaps I feel so consciously thankful for Canada at the moment because I've just finished reading Kabul 24. This book tells the story of the eight hostages captured in Kabul Afghanistan by the Taliban in 2001 and held hostage for 105 days.

I contrast life in my country with conditions in countries like Afghanistan and can only give thanks for democracy, the freedom to get an education, a cultural climate where women are respected, where civility and helping one's neighbor are the norm, and where peace, safety and tranquility are (mostly) the order of the day. Here, in a climate of religious tolerance, I can worship freely and openly according to my convictions.

To my shame I do my share of muttering and complaining about many things Canadian. But when it comes down to it - I'm supremely thankful to have been born a Canadian and to have lived my whole life as a Canadian citizen.

What about you? What is your number one item of thanks?


Lynda S. said...

I have to echo your comments on being thankful for being a citizen of this country. Living in the third world makes me very conscious of all that I, and other Canadians, so often take for granted.

This is a great exercise, Vi and I'll be following.

Cathi-Lyn Dyck said...

I'd have to say, especially lately, my #1 thanks is having God in my life. There was a time when I didn't, and it's when things aren't so tranquil that it makes such a huge difference.

rebecca said...

Perhaps this wouldn't be my #1 item, but I've been thinking lately how thankful I am for my home. It's not perfect, but it is bright and cheerful and warm in the winter.

freebird said...

I agree with you about being thankful for my country. The U.S. has lots of problems but they pale in comparison to many places around the globe. Now if we could only get the healthcare bill passed....

violet said...

Thanks, Cathi-Lynn, Lynda, Rebecca and freebird! Cathi-Lyn and Rebecca - yep - your items are all on my list.

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