Friday, May 14, 2010


An interesting title caught my eye on twitter Tuesday. I couldn't resist checking out "If you had only one month left to blog"  It's a thought-provoking post.

Maybe it's my age or the fact that since the death of my mom in 2006, death seems closer and more inevitable for me too. Contemplating lasts is something I do more now than I used to.

In that vein, I started a new playlist on my itunes a little while ago. I call it "Final Testimony" and I'm putting in it the songs that define me in some way. They are songs that articulate what I believe in and stand for. In plain talk, the songs I'd want people to play at my funeral (sounds delightfully macabre, doesn't it?).

Besides enjoying that collection of songs myself now, it will be a great benefit to whoever is around to plan my memorial service. All they will need to do is sync my ipod, plug it into a player with a dock and play the list (that is, if ipods and docks are still around when I exit -- hopefully a loooooong time from now! ).


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