Monday, September 26, 2011

rooted in life (#697-709 of 1000 gifts)

"Warm, eager, living life—to be rooted in life—to learn, to desire to know, to feel, to think, to act. That is what I want." - Katherine Mansfield

I've just come back from experiencing such a slice of life. A week ago today (Monday, the 19th) daughter gave birth to number three, a beautiful baby girl. She had planned to have a home birth but it didn't work out (probably just as well). Mom and babe were discharged from the hospital within hours, though. I was there to watch the little boys meet their sister and enjoy baby Myelle's first five days of life. What a blessing!

697. The miracle of new life—our new baby at eight hours old.

698. Little boys falling in love with their baby sister.

699. The imagination of kids. That is not a kiddy bath towel on Liam's head, but a Batman cape. He is looking down to watch how Batmanish it looks as its shadow waves out behind him as he swings. And on the other swing, little Davey is flying.

700. I took one walk beside the Thompson River while I was in Kamloops and enjoyed fall's loveliness in shape....

701. ...texture and line...

702. ... and color.

703. The rest of the time, I was run off my feet with the busy-ness of family—making meals, washing dishes, folding laundry, finding snacks, soothing a newborn... I loved every minute of it!

704. One day I took the boys out to the Little Farmers Petting Zoo (within walking distance of where they live). We hadn't brought any money to buy food for the goats but little Davey, who knows the drill, popped open the hatch of the food dispenser and found a few pellets someone else had left behind. The goats came right up to the fence and ate out of the kids' hands. Later we found some crabapples on the ground, gathered a few of those and had some more goat time.

705. We loved the exotic hens. "Take a picture, Granma!" (You don't have to ask me twice!)

706. Later in the week, son came up to meet his little niece. Take a look at this uncle love.

707. So enjoyed being with my daughter, the lovely mom, and her husband—who is a wonderful dad, shopper, baby changer, dishwasher, etc. Just wish I could have stayed longer, but duty beckons at home.

708. It was treat to have son ride back with me—as the driver no less! (I'm not a fan of long-distance driving.)

709. Hubby made it back from his Ottawa trip on Saturday too, safe, sound and full of his own adventures. We had a great debrief Saturday night.


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Eva Trillian said...

Enjoyed reading your post, especially about Batman! Gotta love the imagination of kids!

violet said...

Thank you, Eva! And yes, it's a delight to see all kinds of creative play. My favourite is when little grandson comes downstairs in the morning (early of course) and gets out his toys, humming all the while.

Peter Black said...

Wonderful pictures -- textures, colours and contrasts. And the baby sister and the boys? ... Precious!

violet said...

Thank you, Peter! We are so blessed.

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