Wednesday, July 04, 2012

family special (#1024-1036 of gifts unending)

"Put a grain of boldness into everything you do." - Baltasar Gracian

I can hardly believe that the first long weekend of the summer is already history. Hubby and I packed up and drove east to visit the kids for part of he Canada Day long weekend. Of course they figure largely in my list this week.

1024. The new shed and grassed back yard are the perfect place to play.

1025. We're so proud of Liam who has learned to ride his bike in the last few days.

1026. Little Myelle is getting cuter every day. Love the trendy leggings to go with her green top. Yes, it's summer, but those baby knees need protection even in summer during the crawling stage.

On Friday Ernie and I explored a new-to-us park - McArthur Island.

1027. I loved the Butterfly Garden (which was partly underwater).

1028. ...and the Saskatoon berries found in the native plants section.

1029. But the real treat was sighting a painted turtle lounging on the log with the ducks.

1030. Along with a lot of flickers.

1031. and a bold little beggar.

1032. Plus the marmots. I think they basically own the park.  I took so many marmot photos, I've put together a little gallery.

1033. The weekend had some special hours of Grandma time—like Saturday morning when the kids and I lounged about on the hide-a-bed, watching Bambi.

1034. I came away wishing I had young eyes again. Liam and David see everything! Liam spotted a moth on the ceiling and another well-camouflaged one on the stair rise.

1035. On Saturday Ernie and I took a walk along the dike beside the North Thompson as well. Though we managed to get to the riverside trail and travel along it for a bit, the water soon chased us to higher ground. Here's a spot where the path normally dips to lower ground—washed out of course.

1036. Saturday afternoon we all went to McArthur park for another walk. Here is the little family, out walking in their various ways.

1035. We saw the turtle again too!

1036. This week I am waiting for my shipment of books to arrive. While I wait, I'm doing a little promotion. Pre-order Destiny's Hands by Saturday, you get it for only $15 (regular retail $17.99) and I'll pop it in the mail for you as soon as they arrive.  Email me to set it up.

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