Friday, August 31, 2012

island adventure 2 - settling in

Salt Spring Island is not huge. We soon find our way from the ferry to our 'home,' Room 109 at the Seabreeze Inne. There we even have our own little kitchenette so we don't have to eat all our meals out.

Seabreeze Inne - top right is the hot tub and gazebo
After getting unpacked we drive back into Ganges (Salt Spring's main settlement) for a look around. It's market day and there's not a parking spot to be had—not good when it's hot as blazes and you've skipped lunch. We do eventually find a spot near the visitor center where we drop in for ideas of things to do and maps.

We also find the Tuesday market, but everything is pretty pricey. So we head back to Thrifty's but by now we're so hungry we're muddle-headed so buy only a few things and head back to our room, stopping at the Embe Bakery for some amazing bran muffins. Time for coffee and a snack at 'home.'

Later we go back to town for dinner (Salt Spring Inn, recommended by one of the store clerks where we have a tasty meal of (him) pizza and (her) chicken quesadilla).

Salt Spring Hotel - has a great restaurant

 After we've eaten, and now in a much better mood, we explore Ganges Harbour. Talk about eye candy!

These murals on McPhillips Street make my little heart go pitter-patter.

On our way back to the car we find the Harlan's Bunch and treat ourselves to gelato (salty caramel—yum!!). Our holiday is off to a delicious start.

Violet Nesdoly / poems
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Linda at teacherdance said...

Long day, so late looking & reading. Wonderful pics!

violet said...

Thank you, Linda. Hope you're not working too hard. I guess school has started? Here it begins on Tuesday... I remember the days!

CallingForth said...

wonderful! lovely colour in the harbour scenes!! sounds like a good start to your holiday:)

Mary Waind said...

Incredible colours!
Yummy eye candy indeed!

violet said...

Thanks Mary and Calling Forth. Writing this travelogue is helping me live it all over again. (Blog your holiday and live it twice is my motto!)

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