Monday, September 10, 2007

langley cruise-in

This weekend we attended our first Langley Good Times Cruise-In. This fun community event features vintage car displays - hundreds and hundreds. The main streets get closed to traffic so the crowds can oogle and drool over these restored and very glossy specimens of the past. Street musicians and stages along the route add color, music and action .

Aunt Sally, who was visiting from Kelowna joined us. Here are some of my favorites...

Ernie and Aunt Sally posing with a 1951 Cadillac.

Loved the console of this 1947 two-door Ford Sedan.

1946 Morris (a very good year, btw).

Can you believe this red?! (I'll take the guy standing beside it too.)

Engine side fins on a 1932 two-door Chev.

Very classy 1935 Hupmobile Coupe.

Somehow this white car and steering wheel embodies essential 50s to me - drive-ins, A&W car hops, cruising down Main Street...

Elvis - of course!

And, not to be missed, the Gospel Bus!


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