Friday, September 11, 2009

langley good times cruise-in

This is the weekend of the famous Langley Good Times Cruise-In. Tomorrow (September 12th) the downtown Langley section of Fraser Highway will be a parking lot of vintage vehicles with people by the hundreds, food, entertainment and a generally good time being had by all. (Elvis always makes an appearance at this event).

If you live in the area, check the Cruise-in website for times and location - then pay a visit!

This is a slide show of last year's parade (intersection of Glover and Duncan Way). Sorry, I don't even pretend to know my vintage cars - just the impressions they make on me.

(Slide show doesn't seem to be working in Firefox - but it does load in Safari. What gives with FF lately?)


Anonymous said...

Very interesting,,,,, but .............. very interesting. -E.

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