Sunday, April 10, 2005

happy birthday mom!

Today is Mom's 91st birthday!

A year ago, on her 90th, we did it up right. We reserved the party room in her condo and had two parties (afternoon for family and friends, evening for her condo friends)! All of her nine kids and their spouses and many grandkids made the trek to Abbotsford. What a weekend!

Part of the party entertainment was a program. Each family was responsible for one item. I took on that job for my family. This poem was our contribution.

(On the occasion of Mom’s 90th birthday - April 10, 2004)

I know it’s customary to give birthday girls a gift.
I beg your kind indulgence now as I propose a rift
with what is usually done, instead of gifting make a fuss
of Mom, and in her 90 years name gifts she’s given to us.

Mom loved the country mansion where she raised her family.
Made wood floors shine, scraped calsomine, fixed cracks so never seen.
Requested daddy build and fix, was never unemployed.
This shining homesite legacy has been passed on to Loyd.

Each spring she’d plant, west of the house, in plot that seemed like acres
long rows of beans and peas and corn, tomatoes, cukes and flowers
then send us out to weed and hoe the rows and in between.
This love of playing in the dirt’s been given to Julene.

We never had a lot of cash to buy life’s pricey pleasures
but Mom saw wealth in field and wood - the world of natural treasures -
saw dolls in corn husk, birds in rock, fireworks in dandelion.
This gift of recognizing art she has passed on to Brian.

She had a great affinity for grasses, oats and wheat
Her knowledge of wild flow’rs and plants was pretty hard to beat
Collections of a prairie roadside she would never scorn
This close relationship with natural things is given to Lorne

On special days a picnic she’d be packing for us all.
We’d take off to go fishing or to celebrate the fall.
She still honors Dominion Day with trivia and a brunch.
Who got this celebrative gift? Ken’s got it, that’s my hunch.

Besides her home, Mom served her church, for Jesus had her heart.
Taught crafts in club, and Sunday School, eagerly did her part.
Gave back to her community through garden club and class.
Who serves like that in church and town? Gilbert would be my guess.

After her brood had flown the nest, Mom went to learn some more
of pottery and making cards, preserving nature’s store.
She learned to quill, embroider, arrange flowers dried and new.
This penchant to keep learning more is seen in Doris too.

Her mind’s still always busy, has ideas by the score
She stays up long past bedtime just to do a little more.
When projects have her fancy, they are all her eyes can see.
Who best takes after her in this, but my sweet sister Bea.

And now you’re probably asking, what is left for Violet E.?
I sure would like her crafting skill, her creativity.
But I don’t want to spend the time it takes to learn just how...
She’s giv’n me her impatience - I’d like these good things right now!

V. Nesdoly © 2004


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