Sunday, April 03, 2005

holy comforter

You have moved into me
spooled across my thoughts with delicate maneuvers
ladled Your warmth into the palm of my hand
You have held me speechless
with the pooling of psalms at my feet
prismed me in the light of Your laughter

You have entered into my place of holy
graced the altar of my heart with God's flame
burning bright in Your eye
gathered ashes from the hearth of my pain
and scattered them wide to retreating winds
You have moved into me
so quietly
so carefully
when the black hour comes
and I lean into the dark
I can hear You breathing
my skin

-Copyright 1994 by Barbara Mitchell (reprinted with permission)

Barbara Mitchell lives in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She published a poetry collection, I Know You Lord, in 1994. Barbara is on the Board of Directors of Utmost Christian Writers and administered the judging for this year's poetry contest.


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