Wednesday, April 06, 2005

me bad

Again this week I missed putting up a ‘enter something into this week’s christian carnival’ post!

Does anyone care? I don’t know. But I feel I should in some way pull my weight

My excuse: I’ve been distracted and focused. In the last days I’ve had some time away from typing about goiters and blood sugars, which means I get all Type A about getting other stuff done. I also get lost in it, which is why I’ll never work on my fiction WIP at least until my daughter’s wedding is history, because I can’t afford to be all wolly-brained.

Which brings me to today’s poem (poetry month - remember...)

While I Am Away

While I am away
hiking the hills and valleys of plot
people-watching memories
then eavesdropping mumbled conversations
spelunking caves of character and motivation
running rapids on Verb River
storm-chasing metaphors and similes...

the laundry basket
grows obese with ironing
new life forms of pink, green and black
take up residence in the bathroom
kitchen floor becomes a banquet table
spread for ants
and the ripe redolence
of the last decadent brown banana
lures yet another
generation of fruit flies.

–V.Nesdoly © 2004

BTW I feel like I'm friends with my blog again. That’s because I’ve stopped babysitting the counter! So if you’re not reading this, I’ll be in blissful ignorance for days. Whew – at last life feels back to normal.


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