Saturday, April 09, 2005

my excellent week

Right about now I should be baking a birthday cake for my dear Mum, who turns 91 tomorrow! We’re taking her out for lunch, and the lunch party which began with three, has ballooned to six or maybe seven, so we’ll have to make a reservation – probably at some family-type eating establishment, e.g. the ABC in Abbotsford.

But I feel like I need to first regather the threads of this week – and a good one it has been. Because for the second week running, I’ve had no medical typing. (My poor doc just got home from visiting his mum in Ottawa who had had a stroke, when another phone call came in saying she’d had a heart attack. I believe he turned right around and retraced his steps. At any rate, the answering machine message says the office is closed for a ‘family emergency.’)

So I have spent this week conscientiously working on various writing projects (see Lord, if You let me write full-time, I do know how to use my time well!).

First, I did my quota of six kids’ devotions for my second volume of Bible Drive-Thru.

Then I got together my 20-minute presentation to the Fraser Valley Christian Writers’ Group - scheduled for April 18th, on ‘Demystifying the Muse – recognizing inspiration and making it part of your everyday life.’

Third, I went out and bought my wedding dress, and shoes and a handbag.

I don’t shop much, though I do enjoy shopping for clothes when I know I can justify spending the money. Guildford Mall was the destination and I got there 10:30ish Wednesday morning. I experienced slight feelings of panic as I glanced into my usual shops – Reitman’s, Smart Set, even The Bay. Nothing even faintly suitable caught my eye.

But then I found Bellissima (doesn’t even the name sounds wonderful!). I sighted a rack of little black dresses, gathered an armful and–wonder of wonders– found my dress in that first batch! It’s flapperish, with a hemline on the diagonal, very comfortable as it camouflages all my imperfections. Yes, it’s black, but it has a lighthearted feel to it, with all the (man, I wish I knew my fabrics) ?organza skirt layers, and see-through sleeves. It’s a dress in which one just knows one will have fun!

Next the shoes. I hate shopping for shoes! Choosing something as intimate as shoes after a brief fitting in a shoestore is like deciding to marry someone after the first date! I went to the Naturalizer store, because I have a pair of Naturalizer shoes which have been kind to me for many years. The sales clerk was lovely–and so attentive! Would you believe, we came up with a suitable pair in about 20 minutes?! (and this is no mean feat, as I have a gimpy right big toe, which causes my foot to cramp with any little thing, like heels above a certain height, and anything too tight).

To tell the truth, this little shoe clerk seemed as intent on selling me a suitable handbag as anything. She wouldn’t hear of me using an old leather one or the gold one from several years ago. "It’s once in a lifetime; you have to have just the right thing." I’m a pushover. I bought a little square one, with a beaded front because, maybe she’s right, and it made me feel good to see her so happy.

All in all, the main part of my shopping was done by 12 noon! But why was I surprised? What does one expect when one bathes even shopping trips in prayer – and I had prayed for this one, believe me!

Now, back to writing, I haven’t been sending out short freelance articles lately. Just feel content, somehow, to work on the devotions. But in the back of my mind is a niggle of uncertainty. Because if I send nothing out, I don’t even make pocket money from writing. So I’ve been praying - ‘Lord, if I’m supposed to send something out, please let me know.’

Yesterday I got a second email from Carl Blunt at I’d got one earlier through the FaithWriter messenger service, which I’d assumed went out to the hundreds of members there. But this one was different. The subject line was addressed me, personally: "Violet – please submit a story."

Yes Carl (yes Lord!). So last night I gussied up a story I wrote last year and emailed to Carl. That, plus the fact that the Randy Ferbey rink is still in the running for the Ford Worlds Curling competition in Victoria, and we’re having friends over for a walk and dinner tonight means this has been one excellent week!!


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