Friday, April 22, 2005

rhyme time - poetry homework: answers

Okay kiddos, get your red pencils. Of course any rhymes which make sense are correct...

1. a sorrowing boy: SAD LAD
2. a rude ill-tempered female youth: SURLY GIRLY
3. a tale of much bloodshed: GORY STORY
4. a clown in class: SCHOOL FOOL
5. a rose dipped in vinegar: SOUR FLOWER
6. well behaved rodents: NICE MICE
7. extraordinary food at a banquet: IDEAL MEAL
8. a timid insect: SHY FLY
9.a stupid horse: SILLY FILLY
10. a fowl that has escaped its coop: LOOSE GOOSE
11. a hobo in the rain: DAMP TRAMP

You rate:
10-11 correct: you’re a lean, mean rhyming machine. (Someone – I don’t remember who – once said – I don’t remember where, so take my word for it – people who write rhyming poetry successfully need to have a large vocabulary. Now that’s not necessary for this little quiz, but it is probably a quality you possess if you tend to rhyme and do it well).

6-9 correct: your ability to rhyme is passable. After all, many rhyming forms only need rhymes in every other line anyway, so go for it!

0-5 correct: uh, maybe stick to unrhymed verses...


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