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'seeds of deception' - a book review

Title: Seeds of Deception
Author: Georgiana Preskar
Genre: Christian Non-Fiction / Sociology / Culture
ISBN: 1-4184-0180-3

Seeds of Deception is the story of a journey which begins for author Georgiana Preskar in early 2002. While attending a couple of Lobby Days in her home state of California, she meets politically active men and women in her area and becomes aware of changes happening in the public school system.

She consoles herself these changes surely haven’t come to her neighborhood. A few days later, she gets an early morning phone call from her husband:

"He had just heard on Erick Hogue’s talk radio show that a gay, lesbian and transgender silent day was going on at the high school. I couldn’t believe his words. It wasn’t happening at our high school, Elk Grove High School, where our children... attended only a short time ago... "(P.15).

Stunned by this news, Ms. Preskar goes to the school to investigate who, what and why. Though she comes away with few satisfactory answers, she is determined to find out how things have changed, and so quickly.

The book in the main is a description of her search and what she discovers. Chapter titles signpost her stops along the way: "Silent Day," "Eagle Forum," "Mind Control," "Hitler’s Evil Deception," "Paganism," "Nazi Homosexual Cause," "TMD=PC (Tolerance + Multiculturalism + Diversity = Political Correctness)," "ACLU," "Thought Revolution," "Intimidation," "The Homosexual Manifesto" etc...

A breakthrough in her search comes when she stumbles on the existence of a secretive but widespread program offered in the schools. SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) is difficult to research because information about it is not easily accessible. However, with lots of digging she begins to unearth a monster.

When she asks to observe a SEED session in the school she is denied, because this program is run by SEED-trained facilitators, always behind closed doors - no visitors welcome!

She hears via a friend whose child attends the local Middle School, of skit presentations:

"...eight one-man skits that humorously portrayed eight different situations. The scenes involved overweight people, race discrimination, handicaps, women, rape and homosexuality. Her son expounded on the skit being about a homosexual football player....the youth being ‘born’ this way. He also asked if anyone in the crowd was heterosexual. Her son said the kids were confused and didn’t know how to react..." P.163.

Most concerning is a recognition, as she learns more about SEED, of the mind control techniques it employs. She is all too familiar with these from her research on the brainwashing practiced by Naziism and Marxism. The similarities are explained in the chapter "The Dialectic and Praxis." Here is how Ms. Preskar sees these techniques used in schools:

"In our schools today, new age teachers introduce conflict into the classroom such as
homosexuality, occult practice, euthanasia, suicide and religious views contrary to most students’ beliefs. It causes shock to the students thus producing confusion. The student groups dialogue, which then weakens the traditional beliefs. The teachers are trying to broaden the horizons of thought, for according to Marc Tucker*, the mastermind behind school to work programs, ‘the objective will not be met unless there is change in the prevailing culture of attitudes, values, norms., and accepted ways of doing things’" P. 179.

Ms. Preskar interrupts her delve into these trends by telling the story of several of her salvos into political activism. Her description of what happens when she and others talk to the school board, and leaflet events at local high schools, illustrates the intimidation used by many groups which say they are all about tolerance.
As I said in an earlier post, this book may prove helpful reading reading for:

  • people with kids or grandkids of school age.
  • people who have felt a chill in the air re traditional values on many fronts and have wondered how the atmosphere changed so quickly.
  • Canadians who feel the move to redefine marriage in Canada is simply society’s natural and organic evolution. This book shows how orchestrated these changes may be.
  • people who are thinking of wading into this fray, so they do so with open eyes.
  • people who are toying with the idea of home-schooling their kids.

The book could serve as a beginning point for research into the various topics covered. Preskar uses lots of quotes which are footnoted at the back. There is also an appendix which contains documents like "Opt Out Form" and "Humanist Manifesto II."

Marc Tucker, "How We plan to Do it," Proposal to the New American School Development Corporation: national Center for Education and the Economy, July 9, 1992.


Disclaimer: The book Seeds of Deception was sent to me by Mind & Media as a gift from the publisher who donated the books for reviewers.


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