Friday, April 29, 2005

shortlisted for awards

I was thrilled to discover yesterday that two poems by colleagues have made the short list for the 2005 Word Guild Awards.

"In a Civilized Society An Adulteress Isn’t Stoned" by Jan Wood
and "I Chased My Healing" by Mary Lou Cornish.

Also on the short list are:

- by my friend Helen Grace Lescheid (a.k.a. Esther Manuel’s) Treasures of Darkness: Finding Hope Stronger Than Our Hurts in the Books - Life Story category. This is a compelling true story about dealing with mental illness (not her own).

- by Deborah Gyapong "The Thong" published by Infuze in the Short Story category. (Deborah also blogs at The Master's Artist)

Congratulations! Awards will be presented June 17th at Write Canada in Guelph, Ontario. I wish they could all win!


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