Wednesday, April 27, 2005

a song

A Song Came Wearing Music Skin

Of times
a song came waltzing by
wearing warm smiling music-skin stretched o’er
bent white bones
sings itself so sweet seems crimson sinful
through some joy-filled scarlet heart thumps
blessed and blessing all
all alone on Somewhere’s stage
carving word-wings
from break-a-legs
notes flying as shook up frenzy-hair
colored-passions dance forth as angel’s souls
blessing Heaven’s breath
then bows lowwwly humble down and out on back-feet
as naked silence reverberates leaving all ears a-tremble aghast
dressed with open-mouth-impress
for years, for years trying to catch their breath
dreaming of times
a song came wearing warm smiling music skin
Singing! Singing!
causing angel’s pause with tears a-glow
and demon’s tremble
far below
turning itself inside out through God’s own lips

– James Beard (from Music Fusion: Arias to Zydecos, a music journal created by Jan Wood © 2004, used with permission). Read more poems by James here and here.


While we're on the topic of poetry (what other topic is there in April?) the Accidental Poet remembers and recites poems learned in childhood. Take a look--though she leaves out the politically incorrect bits -- bah, we want to see it all!


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