Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I’ve been tagged by the lovely Waterfall to answer some questions.

Here’s the scoop on how to play: I pick 5 occupations out of the list below and answer my questions. Then I tag 3 other people to post their answers on their blog. If I tag you, and you don’t want to be a part of this, then that’s okay. Just let me know and I’ll tag someone else.

The "questions": If I could be a scientist...If I could be a farmer...If I could be a musician... If I could be a doctor... If I could be a painter... If I could be a gardener... If I could be a missionary... If I could be a chef... If I could be an architect... If I could be a linguist... If I could be a psychologist... If I could be a librarian... If I could be an athlete... If I could be a lawyer... If I could be an inn-keeper... If I could be an athlete... If I could be a professor... If I could be a writer... If I could be a llama-rider... If I could be a bonnie pirate... If I could be an astronaut... If I could be a world famous blogger... If I could be a justice on any one court in the world... If I could be married to any current famous political figure...

If I could be a gardener ... I would have an ‘everlasting’ garden like the one I’ve ogled for years on a walk I take near here. No matter what time of the year it is (except for November through January), something is always blooming. And somehow the gardener lady has planned it so that the plants coming into their own drape over the finished stuff, and it never looks rangy.

But I would want to combine this knowledge of everlasting bloomability with the design of an English country garden I drive past. It graces a house which is mostly hidden by trees, but you can just make out a white picket fence, a verandah with wicker furniture and growing in front of the verandah this eye feast – tall spikes of delphinium, and lacy white heads (maybe Queen Anne’s lace) and in front of that something pink and more white and shades of mauve, so that you know if you drove into the driveway you would be transported to a place of elegance and tradition and tea on the verandah at 4:30 sharp!

If I could be an inn-keeper... my inn would be a bed and breakfast on the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Victoria. Saltspring Island would be nice! I would offer bright rooms, furnished with old-fashioned furniture and with large windows that could be opened to let in the sea breeze. Our speciality (my hubby would do this with me) would be the breakfasts, sometimes continental with hot-baked scones, and muffins and buttery toast, served with a variety of cheeses and homemade jams. Other days we’d have the farmer’s breakfast - eggs, sausages, porridge, hash browns, hunks of grainy brown toast. Of course we’d have a goat and make goat cheese and offer goat milk.

In the common room there would be a fireplace, and piped in music, and a library, with books which would speak to people about God, so that when they looked back on their stay, they’d know this had been holy ground. And after the guests would leave, we’d crank up the music to something energizing, and hang out the duvets and pillows on the verandah to air, while we mopped and polished the rooms, and shined the porcelain in the bathroom.

If I could be a painter... I would be a painter like Kim Jacobs, whose jigsaw puzzles are on my walls, and who has made this gingerbread advent calendar. I’d make paintings which were full of detail and homespunness. I would get requests to illustrate children’s books, make calendars, and manufacture my own line of cards!

If I could be a writer... I would like to write two kinds of books. The first kind is talking animal books, of the Adventures of Reddy Fox, Thornton Burgess type, or the Wind In the Willows-type Kenneth Graham type. Can you imagine anything more fun than inventing and then letting loose delicious characters like Reddy Fox, Toad, Badger, Ratty and the Weasels?

Another kind of book I’d like to write is the kind that has impacted my life probably next most to the Bible, and that’s biographies. I have so often felt God’s Spirit reach right through the stories of others’ lives, and mess with my heart, I can think of no higher calling than to have words I’ve written do the same for others.

If I could be a world famous blogger... Don’t you know that I already am! HA!!! Not. But I would love it if someone thought: Her blog would appeal to a segment of our readers. And that day in my little hotmail ‘spam’ box, because that’s where all the emails from strangers come, there would be this offer: "We would like to syndicate your blog– and pay you for writing it! Please continue posting exactly the mix you now have. In fact, if you find Blogger too unreliable, we’ll sponsor a Typepad blog for you!" And forever after, I could blog to my heart’s content, without feeling guilty and that I was wasting time and dodging work that had real value.

Thank you, Waterfall... what fun!!

Now I would like to tag the whimsical Rebecca of Rebecca Writes , the lovely Paula of Listen In... who I think loves words as much as I do, and someone whom I’m sure will give us a fun read – h8s2clean of Accidental Poet.


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