Saturday, September 17, 2005

the 25-year marathon

It was June 28, 2001 and we were on our honeymoon. I remember I was sitting on the bed in the motel room in front of the TV when this ran on the news.

I fought back tears. I had been so sure he’d beat his cancer. But now he wouldn’t. Because Terry Fox was dead.

I still can’t think about this incredible young man without feeling a range of reactions – from sadness that he was taken from us so young, to respect at the pluck and determination he showed, to amazement at the impact the life of one ordinary yet extraordinary person can have.

I have never gone on any fund-raising runs or walks. If I were to choose one, it would be the Terry Fox Run. It has happened annually the third Sunday in September since1981 and is keeping alive Terry’s dream of raising research money for cancer. Tomorrow is the Terry Fox Run’s 25th anniversary.


Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope - from the CBC archive. A collection of radio and TV clips.


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