Friday, September 09, 2005

from somewhere in the alto section

Yesterday evening was our first choir practice of the fall season -- my first in years and years.

I would never have joined our church choir on my own volition. But a few months ago Ernie felt a distinct impression it was time for him to sing in the choir again. God literally tapped him on the shoulder during the choir's last performance in spring (they break for the summer) and said, "Ernie, it's time." As E. puts it, "I would be disobedient if I didn't join."

Ok. Where does that leave me? I was thinking of getting back into some area of Children's Ministry this fall. But I realized, as soon as E. told me of his conviction, this would be awkward because a few months ago we sold our second car. Singing in the choir in our church means getting there (and we live a 20-minute drive away) early Sunday morning -- 8:15 for the 9:00 a.m. service -- and staying till the choir's part in the second, 11:00 a.m., service is done. I doubt I could have found a children's ministry job that would fit that schedule and I quickly realized, if I didn't join the choir too I'd be hanging around church doing an awful lot of waiting while E. did the choir thing. (When I asked God why didn't He give me a similar impression, He as much as said to me -- I didn't need to; I told your husband!)

And so Thursday a week ago we auditioned (yes, in our church, choir membership requires an audition -- good thing I know the words to "Amazing Grace" by memory!), and last night was the first rehearsal.

Though I have really had no strong feelings one way or another about being in a choir again, the rehearsal last night nailed down the fact that this will indeed be a good thing -- even a God-thing. That's not to say there won't be adjustments. If last night is typical, it's clear this choir is a little different from other choirs in which I've sung.

For one thing, (this is what we were told at the audition) the choir in our church isn't up there primarily to perform. Its function is mainly to back up and encourage the corporate, worship-in-song part of the service.

Which leads to another thing that's different. Last night at least, we didn't use a lot of printed music. Instead we practiced with the leader of Sunday's worship team, brushing up on the hymns and worship songs we'll be singing Sunday morning. Though we do have SAT parts, the leader taught each section their part by rote. I can see to sing in this choir it will help to have a good ear and a good memory.

This Sunday we have a guest speaker coming -- Sunday Adelaja from Kiev, Ukraine. I have been so anticipating hearing him. Now I have even more to look forward to. Now I also have the awesome opportunity of, with a multitude of others, leading the congregation in songs like "Worthy" (You are awesome / God of power / Lord of glory / come and fill this place...") and lots more. I can hardly wait!


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