Saturday, December 10, 2005

Christmas prep

We are in the thick of the Christmas production. It has come a long way from the lurching performance of Wednesday night’s dress rehearsal.

After the evening yesterday, I had the guests who we had invited, here for coffee (which sure made me appreciate entertaining as a duo; with my go-fer out of town, my whole day was pretty much taken up with getting ready). Today we do two more programs, one at 3:30 and another at 7:30. Then tomorrow night there’s a final evening performance in Maple Ridge.

I haven’t been in Christmas programs for the last few years and had forgotten all the downs and ups of these things and what they add to the celebration. There’s the feeling that this big time commitment will monopolize too much of your life at this busy season of year, followed by the realization that it really isn’t that big at all and will be over before you know it. There’s the whole nervous apprehension thing before each performance, followed by the feeling of euphoria when things go okay. There’s the fear that you’ll never have all that music memorized cold, followed by the sense of accomplishment when you do it – and as a bonus, now have wonderful lyrics like:

"Who is this King of glory?

Emanuel, God with us

Who is this King of glory?

He’s mighty to save us

Who is this king of glory?

He’s our Wonderful Counselor

Who is this King of Glory

He’s our Warrior, Deliverer"

safely tucked in your head and heart to sing and mull over in the days to come.

What a great way to get prepared for the season!


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