Saturday, December 17, 2005

christmas with a twist

A week ago we were in the middle of the "Christmas With a Twist" production. It was billed as "a gift to our community" and was an entertaining blend of concert and production. Here are a few memorable moments in pictures snatched from our church's e-bulletin.

Some of the most beautiful gifts of this performance were the dance numbers. Young ballerina Natalie H. (center) choreographed this dance and trained these young dancers.

We got a visit from the Grinch. He learned that he could exchange his grumpiness at being woken up by the kids' choir, for being able to sing along with that choir himself and, as part of the deal, was promised as many Christmas lollipops as he wanted!

Our evening was hosted by Jerome*, Daisy and Jerome, three hillbillies who kept reappearing throughout the performance. Their hijinks gave us a lot of laughs and their conclusion at the end of this gift-focused production:

Daisy: But I don't haeve a gift to give.

Jerome 1: You have your laife.

Jerome 2: And isn't thaat what it's all abaout?

sent us home with a lot to think about.

* I think it was Jerome. It was a J. name anyway and both guys had the same name.


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