Monday, December 19, 2005

no, they aren't made of chocolate

People’s favorite tree ornaments are decorating blogs all over the place and other blogs are collecting them.

Now if I had a digital camera, I could wow you with all manner of wonderful ornaments from my tree. I don’t. However in the past few years I have come to a happy compromise with my old Canon by, in addition to getting rolls of film developed into prints, having them copied to a disk (a way better solution than having a digital camera I console myself – think of all the hard-drive space I’m saving – Yeah, right! Think again about long it takes me to fill up the whole roll of film to finally see those pictures – oh well. But I digress... ) So, because of the technical reality above, I have a picture of exactly one decoration – and it would hardly fit on my tree. It’s the creche.

We got this hand-carved nativity at a Global Village kiosk during an MCC weekend in Abbotsford one August when the kids were little (I’m not sure where it was carved but in some developing country.) A few years later my husband cobbled together a wooden stable to house the display, which I then lined with moss. Every year I wrap this stable in a string of twinkle lights which makes it look as if it’s floating in stars.

Over the years I’ve added an angel display to it and some woolly sheep made by my crafty sister.


(For a delve into some of the dusty corners of this theme in Christmas decorating, view the Cavalcade of Bad Nativities.

Hat tip: Dulciana at Divertimenti)


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