Friday, December 23, 2005

progressive christmas dinner -- blog style!

Remember those progressive dinners that used to happen at least once a year at Youth Group (or Young Couples’ Group, or Whatever Group)? Everyone would pile into cars and, with maps in hand, go house to house for the various courses – the appetizers at the Anderson’s, the salad at the Schmidt’s, the main course at the Miller’s and the desert at the Doerksen’s (not necessarily letter coordinated of course).

As a variation on that, I'm inviting you to a Progressive Christmas Dinner only going blog to blog. No maps necessary, of course – you will be whisked away at the touch of a mouse. Bon Appetit!

Lenten or Homemade Pretzels - from danielle bean
Antipasto -my very own taste-tested recipe, along with a tray of crackers, cheese, smoked oyesters, and cold cuts.
Our beverage is Hot Mulled Cider - from Elise at Simply Recipes

Mrs. Darling at Cooking with Mrs. Darling has, waiting for us, Black Bean Salad with Feta. And there's also a Broccoli Salad from Kalanna at Mere Recipes

Main Course
Elise at Simply Recipes has been cooking up a storm. She has Mom's Roast Turkey on the table stuffed with Mom's Turkey Stuffing, along with Cranberry Sauce (just like I make it), Creamed Turnips, and Spinach with Sesame and Garlic. Mrs. Darling brought the rolls.

Now to top off the feast, I hope you left room for Rebecca's legendary Cranberry Apple Pie (Ah Rebecca, I am forever in debt to you for this yummy treat!)

Wasnt' that delicious!? And I'll bet you still have room for more!


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