Friday, December 09, 2005

the three faces of Eve

I’ve been feeling restless about the blog lately, as if change is in the wind. Waterfall (blogger-no-more ...sigh) expressed some of these feelings in A Sort of Notebook when she wrote:

This is my last post. Already I feel this wonderful sort of relief, not to be wondering about daily hits, not to be concerned with whether I'm a rodent or an amphibian in the TTLB Ecosystem. No, I actually haven't even looked at my own blog but once in the last four days.

I have to admit - I know the feeling of being on a short leash to the blog. In fact, blogging for the past year has taught me more about my insecurities than I ever wished to know! And though I’m not sure what I’m about to do will ease my mind in that department, instinct tells me it’s the right move – for now anyway.

The instinct I’m talking about has developed as I’ve surfed around in the blog world over the past 1+ year and come to realize that I like to know (at least a little bit) what to expect when I surf to a site. At the same time, I’ve often felt fractured as I blogged, wondering which me is talking today – the outspoken Christian me, or the writer me or the everyday life me? Not that we can ever completely tease apart any of these personas – I know that! Anyway, I’ve decided to try blogging in a more focused way.

A long time ago I started another blog, Other Food, where I posted for a while about what I was learning in my quiet time and from Christian speakers and books etc. I have lately reactivated that blog and will be posting there about my spiritual pilgrimage. (You’re welcome to read. I’m posting a link to that blog in the sidebar.)

To accommodate another of my passions, I will shortly be opening a poetry / writing blog, where I can post my silly verses and unabashedly write about all things poetic and writerly. I’ll post a link to that blog when it’s up in case anyone is interested.

Of course I’ll still be posting, here at promptings, about all the minutiae of my life, and the little goodies I find on the web and memes and book reviews and political rants and family stuff and recipes... So nothing much will change, though I’m sure you won’t be surprised if I post here less often, which is no doubt a good thing because, for crying out loud, there’s plenty to read online as it is!

(I’ll also put up a link here to whichever blog I’ve written in on any particular day – for anyone wanting to keep up with all three types of posts.)


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