Sunday, December 04, 2005

twisted christmas?

The pace quickens. This is the week of "Christmas With a Twist" – our church’s annual Christmas production. Our choir sings four songs as well as leads in the carol singing. That means dress rehearsals Tuesday and Wednesday, and five performances - Thursday to Sunday. Ernie and I have been as excited as little kids about this. Then yesterday he got word that what we feared is about to happen.

His 85-year-old parents live in a city four hours’ drive away, near his brother. The health of both his mom and dad has been deteriorating for a while now. But lately things have come to a head. The long and short of it is, they will be moved from their townhouse to an assisted living place (though they don’t know it yet - they’re very resistant to the idea) this coming Saturday. And so instead of being part of the Christmas concert, hubby will spend the weekend with his family.

I’m a bit bummed out. I was so looking forward to us doing this together. But I know he needs to be there with his mom, dad, brother and sis at this traumatic time. If you think of it, pray that his parents will be able to handle the news that they are moving (on short notice - I think they’re to be told Thursday), and that the move will go smoothly.


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