Thursday, July 20, 2006

curb appeal? not sure: garden moments, third week of July

Each year my garden’s trim – the annuals I pick to fill in the spaces between the perennials – is a little different. This year I went for petunias and impatiens.

The color scheme was inspired by the planter that I got for my birthday way back in May. (Here's what it looked like on June 12th.)

Besides the watermelon-colored geraniums, purple daisy-type blooms and deep rose mini-petunias, it also has pale green and green-with-red-vein foliage plants, and an orange shasta daisy in there somewhere which has bloomed twice. As you can tell, it’s hardly a planter with a color theme.

(This is the planter today.)

The all-over-the-wheel color scheme of that planter is why this year I chose variegated everything. I bought flats of ‘assorted’ and didn’t know when I planted most of them, what colors they would be.

Thus it’s been a lot of fun to see the curb come to life as the red, fuchsia, salmon, pink and pinwheel blossoms cover the spreading clumps, flowers clashing happily side by side.


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